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My husband hates me. He cut me out of his life....he didn’


My husband hates me. He cut me out of his life....he didn’t talk to me, sit with me, hug me or touch me. He has no desire to sleep in the same room as me.

I tried so hard with win him over, to show him love, to create intimacy. He treated me like dirt, called me psychotic, bipolar, stupid, anxious and depressed. He was never there for me emotionally when I needed him the most. He was using me....I have no idea why. Why did he have two kids with me if he didn’t want to be with me....if he didn’t want to live me or make our relationship work. Everything that went wrong was my fault.

They he started verbally and psychologically abusing my daughter and hitting her behind my back. She started having meltdowns and eventually told me what was going on. I asked him to stop and he said he would but he didn’t. That’s when I filed for protect her and my son from him.

He got better with the kids but worse with me. He screamed at me to get out of our home which I eventually did with my kids.

He moved on very quickly to another relationship. He became very serious with her and started sleeping with her. He introduced her to the kids and they spend every Sunday together with my kids when my kids are with him.

I don’t have understand why he wouldn’t try for us but he’s certainly trying with her. We had no intimacy but they do. He’s so nice and kind and loving and considerate with her but treated me like dirt. I was willing to do anything to make it work but he didn’t want to. He told me he didn’t want to be with me several times. I moved to Australia, from Canada, to be with him and he couldn’t be bothered trying to fix our marriage.

How could he move on so quickly? Was he already involved with her? Why didn’t he love me or care for me? Why did he hurt our kids? Why’s he enjoying his life now with this new woman in our home with no sense of remorse or regret? How does he get to be so happy while my heart keeps breaking?

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Apr 18

@HusbandNoMore Thank you. I have been blaming myself for everything. And yes, I hope I get the support I need.

Foundlove's picture
Apr 18

I’m sorry you went through such pain. The way your describing though it seems like your ex husband is abusive type who doesn’t respect women. Perhaps seems like all lovey dovey now but if I’m right it’s not happy ending for those two. He will probably treat her like dirt just like he treated you eventually. Perhaps she will hide it for long time out of shame and denial but abusers don’t change. If he abused you he will abuse others and continue to do so. It’s much better that your without him even though I know it hurts. I hope you feel better about this situation soon!

Apr 21

@Roch7 Yes I pray that he gets what’s coming to him. He just seems to be enjoying life.


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