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My husband and I are close to divorce. I talked to my mom ab


My husband and I are close to divorce. I talked to my mom about it and she is so upset more upset them me. She told if I left him I won’t be welcome to holidays if I get with someone new. That my son will turn on me. She told me if I have a new relationship and have more kids my new family won’t be welcome at her house. This is extremely hurtful to me. Why is she being this way? How can I get her to be ok with the divorce?

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May 12, 2019

Thank you for all your kind words

May 15, 2019

Is it maybe that she sees this marriage as worth fighting for and that she doesn't want to see her gradson go through the pain and extreme hardship of divorce. I am sure as your mother the idea of divorce is very painful and stirs up an array of emotions, but try to see past that and maybe try to see where she's coming from too. Divorce shouldn't be taken lightly. Are you in an abusive relationship? Maybe help her see why you think divorce is necessary, and show her that you truly have fought for your marriage and family to stay together. Divorce even you think is what's best, will be very painful for you all and especially for your son. Have you asked God to help you and give you guys a fresh start, I have seen so many marriages that even as they were facing imminent divorce, decided to seek God and let Him give them the strength and wisdom to save their marriage, either together or just one spouse. As a counselor when I encounter marriages that are ending, I encourage the book the Love Dare by Alex and Stephen Kendricks. Even if only one of you tries it, but truly gives its their all and truly let God come in and do the healing, miracles are possible. Marriage counseling is very helpful but only when you find the right counselor, as it can make all the difference. I pray that you give God a chance and let HIm give you peace about which way your marriage should go.

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May 20, 2019

It can really hurt when someone close to us responds like this. Do you have other female friends or family members you can turn to for support, encouragement, or to just listen? Maybe it would help to wait until emotions settle to try to talk it out with your mother again. Maybe ask her why she feels that way.


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