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My daughter's just got back from a vacation my ex and her bo

My daughter's just got back from a vacation my ex and her boyfriend took them on to Puerto Rico.

According to the kids, her boyfriend was drunk the entire time, starting drinking early in the morning and all day long. They went to dinner and there was an altercation with a homeless guy who was asking for money. Her boyfriend and this guy exchanged words, and the homeless guy pulled a knife, but no one was hurt.

My ex was livid at the way he was acting, saying "my daughter's could have been hurt, what were you thinking??" Both my daughter's said they couldn't wait to get home, because being around him, he was a belligerent drunk the entire time.

The grass is always greener I guess....

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Aug 14

@GirlKitty It's be better for the children that she would be alone, since she's not with their father.
So sad. : ( Well, prayers the girls will want a man like their father rather than this winner (eye roll.)

Michael72's picture
Aug 14

@Scat - God I hope not, I wouldn't be able to put up with their boyfriends or husband's sarcasm

Aug 14

@Michael72, too funny. : )


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