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Meh, he's pulling his bee ess again. Right now I'm letting h


Meh, he's pulling his bee ess again. Right now I'm letting him because I'm waiting til he gets paid to do what I need to around here. Some last minute issues and loose ends need tying. Then I'll have my time to do what I want and he's not going to like what I do, just like I didn't like when he lied, got high, cheated, and flirted all over town and had his emotional affairs and turned all our neighbors against me.

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Jan 10

@norseduncan, thanks for the chuckle.

eddie1975's picture
Jan 11

When I spoke to my attorney last week and he said he's going to file a motion of contempt against my ex my heart sunk. I don't want to to this to her. I don't want to do this to anyone. But I have to think about my kids. I'm not a person who hurts other people for my own gain but I have to hurt her. She must pay to take care of her children. I can't get my mind to understand that getting what I deserve is fair. I didn't cheat. I didn't hit my kids. I didn't lie at every opportunity. I didn't abandon my spouse and children. People who so this stuff need to pay for it.

Jan 12

@eddie1975, if she did the stuff that makes you have no choice but to have to take it to court, and you know you've exhausted every other method to get through to her about her responsibilities, then you can't be blamed for having to try a different angle to get what is needed to support your precious children. So please don't blame yourself and please remember always you didn't do this. She did this to herself and also it's for your children's best interests. What were you supposed to do, let her spend the money on her man child when she has kids to feed?


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