Married 32 years, separated now for 7months and the divorce

Married 32 years, separated now for 7months and the divorce has been a nightmare. She was a cheater(3 times), is a narcissist, and tried to control me during our marriage. Now, as I move forward and away from her, she won't let me go. I've made several generous settlement offers in her favor(our marital assets are on the large side), but she keeps hammering away with her attorney. My attorney, despite my suggestions to get a signable document in front of us so we can end this thing and move on, keeps asking for more information. Enough already......both sides know what we have. I am depressed, have anxiety attacks, can't sleep because I am stuck in this Black Hole. How do you move on when the other party doesn't?

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Jul 21

@JimHauser Good luck and let us know how it goes!!

Jul 22

@kflores22 Not good....heading to court. Everyone gets it save for her. A shame.

Jul 23

@JimHauser I am so sorry she is giving you such a hard time. I am sure you want to be done so you can move on and start life again. There is no reason for her to be like this other than to hurt you and that is completely wrong. I am not sure where you live but I live in Arizona and it is a 50/50 state, my lawyer said it is cut and dry and there is nothing for him to fight because the law is the law, but being the narcissist that he is he will try to fight anyway. What is she fighting for? You said you have been more than generous in your offers, what is she wanting? Just to be vindictive? Hopefully the judge will see through her and you can get this settled and move on!


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