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LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!, just joined eHarmony and what h

LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!, just joined eHarmony and what happens...well, there is this woman at my work that...well, just asked me out! So, I guess if you join an OLD site, seems the female grapevine quakes and BOOM!...I passed on the invite for now, I don't sleep where I eat...but will far, only 5 hits the first hour...will see where this goes...however, I do feel...OMG...giddy in a way...weird as hell feeling...I am no longer feeling like I am "cheating" I am glad that feeling is behind me...looking forward w/ much hesitation but optimism....anyone else get the dating bug????

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Mar 17

@GirlKitty, sorry about bringing up the idea of romance. Hope I didn't unintentionally trigger you. : (

Mar 17

congrats on feeling too soon before doing real healing may not be good but I tend not to jump into a new relationship too soon...but each person is different...I had a friend that would do seemed to work for her as far as getting over the other person but I don't hink she ever fixed anything so she tends to go from guy to careful and go slow...hopefully you've been no contact for many months now...

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3 hours ago

J hope you have the luck of the irish, Irish! Wow, you jumped in the deep end.


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