I've been working really hard on figuring out how to make th

I've been working really hard on figuring out how to make this move to AZ. I've been on the Internet checking out doctors in the area, and I think I've finally found some to use that will take my insurance. There aren't a lot who get good reviews and most are a pretty far drive from where I will be living, but it is doable. I also found a primary care doctor who charges a monthly fee but doesn't take insurance. What I like about him is he will make house calls. If I am unwell and elderly, that would be a blessing.

I've been checking out UHaul. They have little tiny shipping containers. You can use as many as you need. You can pay to have them packed, driven to your new location, stored until you have a place to live, and then delivered and unpacked. This makes sense for what I will be bringing. Which then had me change my mind about an estate sale. I think instead I will choose to bring all my things and have the reupholstered. It will probably cost just as much as new furniture, but it I will get to custom design it and I wont it will be at my new home when I need it.

So that means I will only have to shop for a computer desk, a bedroom set (which I've already picked out), a washer and dryer.

I've found a place that will rent long or short term, furnished or unfurnished. I've also found an AirBnB that will work while I search for a place to live.

I've been keeping an eye on the classifieds. I've been coming up with ways to cobble together an income that will suffice if needed.

I'm starting to feel more hopeful and excided.

I sent a letter to a family I used to know decades ago. I discovered that they live in that state now. I've asked them how they like it. I haven't heard back. I am not sure if I will. I am trying to remain hopeful on that score.

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Sep 20

@lakewolf when I checked uhaul and their program, is that the one you have to arrange the drivers' transportation back to their home pay them for the time it takes them to get to your house? Unless It was a different one, I don't know how they cover their liability and work comp.

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Sep 23

@beth65 No. They pick it up on a flatbed, & it gets moved to where you're living. They put it on a truck that's delivering to the area you're moving to, then deliver it.

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Sep 24

@beth65 ...and now I can't leave, because the kids won't step in to care for somebody who can't walk.
I said that nursing homes are NOT an option. I didn't allow my mom to go into one, & I won't here, either.


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