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I've been trying to stick it out in the same house with my s


I've been trying to stick it out in the same house with my soon-to-be-estranged spouse. It is tough going. He wants to stay and work it out but he lies, cheats, gas lights, bullies, even denies hard core evidence (receipts, phone history, emails, and cell calls) that he lied about timeframes he has no accounting or explanation for. Then he tells me he's been begging me to please stay when the truth is he never has asked me to stay. All he did in the past was tell me he didn't advise my leaving. When I ask him for an amicable separation when my son graduates this summer, he tells me, okay we can talk about it this summer but never before then and I'm never allowed to bring up his lies about the receipts, timelines and other evidence I had he lied. I'm supposed to keep my grievances to myself and then we can discuss the separation months from now. We have a lot of things to iron out. What we'll do with the house and how we'll go about the separation. But I'm never allowed to bring it up. How am I supposed to plan my living situation. I want to sell the house or keep living here with the kids. But I'd be derned if he's gonna move some sl*t in here he's been cheating with. Then after I tell him this is unacceptable. We have to talk stuff out as long as we're living together. He says, okay why don't we give it a year instead of til summer and he still expects me not to bring up the inconsistencies of his whereabouts etc. Basically I'm dealing with a very manipulative and disagreeable person. But I still wanna live here til at least June so I can finish my upgrading my skills and looking for a better job.

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Feb 16

I am impressed, you are going to do amazing things! Let me know when you leave!

Feb 16

Thank you so much for the support. I decided to get support here before my departure. I really think in my last split with my ex I did not get the support I needed and made poor choices as a result. Don't wanna go down that path this time.

Feb 17

@Scat Once your divorce is over, you will be a new person. Stay strong


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