I've been alone since my ex wife and daughters moved out of


I've been alone since my ex wife and daughters moved out of our house 10 months ago. Our house was sold and I've been having an extremely difficult time living alone. I'm so used to being around them, especially my daughters, that this transition has been very painful. I get out during the week doing martial arts, softball, and a divorce support group but I still have excess time. When I'm alone during these times I end up getting very depressed. I'm not sure what it will take to overcome these feelings of lonliness. I'm trying but nothing seems to work.

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Sep 17

@caya0096 trust me, You never find the answer. My ex wife sleeping at the other room, and she sleeps like nothing happened, and I am awake every two hours and asking WHY? She wanted to divorce with no reason, but she feels great, that's what she tells me every day:)

Sep 18

I must congratulate you for the steps you have taken to keep yourself busy. While it may not be an easy task to erase the good times you had with your family, it takes time. Just remember, she could be feeling the same, especially the girls. Sometimes we refuse to look back on what is really the problem but it's not always the other party. I wish you well, probably you can consider moving on to finding someone to love and commit to. It can also be a very tricky choice for so many reasons. But there is nothing totally wrong with such choices. I hope you come to terms with your divorce and loneliness. You can end up being an inspiration to someone who is going through the same thing.

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Sep 19

During those times call or skype your daughters or watch a movie or force yourself to do something other than reminisce about the past or how your life is now. As some of the others in this thread have mentioned, it’ll take time to feel better and you’re well on your way. Maybe write your daughters a letter, start a journal, you’d be amazed how therapeutic writing out your feelings can be…even if you rant and rave in those pages, just writing it out is a tremendous help. I am sorry for your situation, I know I’d be in the same boat if I was separated from my kids, it’d drive me nuts, but it won’t always be like this! Does your support group encourage it’s members to call one another? Could you call one of them during these acute times of depression? Don’t give up on yourself, you can do it!


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