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is there anyone around for a conversation

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is there anyone around for a conversation

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Apr 17

@rikk I'm so sorry. Just hang in there. She's really punishing you and dragging you through agony. It will backfire on her eventually.

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Apr 18

@rikk For yourself not her. Go to legal aid to get them to talk through options with you. that is what legal aid is for. They have some really good compassionate lawyers. You need information and that will allow you to make decisions. You are a great Dad if you are fighting to see your children. It would be easy to walk away but you don't want to do that, you want to father your children.

Apr 19

Would you believe my wife wanted to divorce me twice. I am 72. The last time I was served papers, I decided to fill all of them myself. I just followed what her attorney sent me. I also sent the Judge through a friend several letters about her friend and lawyer.


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