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Is anyone out there fighting for their marriage? Your spouse


Is anyone out there fighting for their marriage? Your spouse took off, committed adultery, abusive, an addict but something inside of you is telling you to stand and fight? I am choosing not to listen to the mainstream advice and figure how do I love someone who is so hurtful. I could use some advice on how to do this.

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Mar 16

@Irish925 Please look at my responses, I have always admitted it says God divorces Israel in Jer 3:8 and then I had a questions about verse 12.

Mar 16

@Michael72 Hi Michael. I am your wife’s age. My H and I have been married almost 23 years. I have 4 young children. My H cheated on me with our live in nanny. She is old enough to be our daughter and I treated her like she was mine. Their relationship to date has lasted 6 years. Throughout it, he has treated me like crap to the point where I was committed to a psyche ward for depression by my therapist (I had no idea of the affair at the time). I just want to say that I understand your tears. I understand why you divorced. Each time my H begs me to come back. Each time I find out he’s still with her. I’m tired of this dance. I’m tired of waiting to be chosen. At some point, one must chose himself. I applaud you. I am a good Christian wife. But while God hates divorce, there are actually 4 scriptural reason for divorce: adultery, refusal of conjugal rights (within reason), refusal to provide material support (a type of desertion) and malicious desertion (when one just up and leaves the marriage). No one has the right to judge our situations. I am going on three years since Dday. Since then, I have left him 3x only to find that he has a) sent her money, b) hid her in an apartment, c) flown to Thailand to see her twice. He refuses to get tested for STDs or seek counseling. He also has touched me in 6 years. And his affair started when I was pregnant with our youngest. I’ve done everything. Don’t judge me when I walk away.

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Mar 16

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