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I'm working two jobs now so I can feed and clothe my kids si

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I'm working two jobs now so I can feed and clothe my kids since my ex ABSOLUTELY refuses to provide any support for them. I've been worn out every day. I came home earlier this week and there were some pink gift bags on the kitchen table. I asked the kids what they were and they said their mom dropped them off because they missed their sister's baby shower. They said their sister was mad because they didn't come. I asked them why they didn't go and they said they just didn't want to. What really hurts me is I knew nothing about it. I wasn't even invited. I don't blame my daughter because I can call/text her anytime and she will talk to me and go do anything with me I ask her to. She knows I don't want to be around her mother and she's fully aware of what her mother has done to us all so I assume that's why she doesn't even attempt to get us in the same room. She moved to her mothers a few months ago because my house is so small and there were six of us living there. It was (and still is) really cramped. My 17 year old son doesn't even have a bedroom. He sleeps in his sister's bed. I'm trying so hard to give these kids something close to the life they used to have before their mother lost her mind. I'm so physically and mentally exhausted. No one that I go to for help cares. No social workers, no lawyers, no judges, no therapists, no one. All they want is money, money, money. The "best interest of the kids" means NOTHING to them. I REALLY don't want to do this life anymore. I do it for my kids but I don't know how much longer I can keep it up. I'm afraid I'm going to be nothing more than a divorced father statistic before long.

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Jul 31

It's going to be okay. We're here for you.

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Jul 31

Eddie please believe me when I say you are an inspiration to many people here! Please don’t be a statistic, maybe it’s not worth the struggle to “try and give them give these kids something close to the life they used to have before their mother lost her mind. “

Embrace a new version of life and a new you going forward. I know it’s easy for me to say because you definitely sound like you have a TON on your plate but is there any possible way off down sizing? Maybe get that house anchor off your back and possibly that 2nd job anchor as well. Is there any opportunity to change either job to something less demanding?

If I remember you are a spiritual person which is tremendous, have tried discussing all of your hurdles and challenges with a local realigious leader? They may be able to provide some support whether spiritually or possibly financially.

Please hang on they won’t be kids forever which means you won’t be dealing with these specific stressors forever.

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