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Im not really even sure which category this falls into but t

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Im not really even sure which category this falls into but trying to find some others to connect with who may have a similar story or who can relate on some level. My first marriage ended in divorce with my husband being unfaithful...multiple times. Recently my current husband told me he wants to separate and actually moved out and has rented another house. He is still expecting me to go about life like normal, he engages in conversation with me daily and is helping me care for my daughter while I work. I have asked him to go to counseling and asked him to move back in and he has not agreed to either. States he needs to find "answers" for himself and that this is his way of protecting me... from who knows what. Its been two months since hes moved and I am struggling to stay hopeful.

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Apr 6

I’m so sorry your feeling this way, I believe my ex husband cheated on me multiple times.... it’s so painful to be in situation like that. I hope you feel much better!!

Apr 6

@KKW192 I am sorry to hear that your husband is behaving the way he is. Even though he is a first responder workaholic high up in the chain of command and may be stressed out, that is not an excuse for his action. Might he have NPD? Please look up the term gaslighting. I didn't realize my STBX had NPD until I started to research it. Your husbands actions certainly sound selfish, even though he says he did it under the guise of "protecting you".

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Apr 10

How are you doing? Has anything come to light yet?


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