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I'm not doing very well. My wife asked for a separation a


I'm not doing very well.

My wife asked for a separation about a month and a half ago. She then asked for a divorce 2 weeks later. She says she wants to focus on herself, her job, and the kids. (2 of them) (she truly meant it in that order it turns out)

The day she asked for divorce I wrote out a list of divorce terms. This was of course asking her why and trying to figure out what I did. She's not much of a talker when it comes to hard conversations. She usually gets up and leaves.

When she came home she was depressed and sad. She read what I wrote. (BTW I think she was pursuing somebody else and he let her down)

She then said she didnt know about the divorce. I started to do all these little nice things trying to get her to notice me again. The rejection got old. (BTW I'm still in home until I can get money to move) I tried talking to her several times and the results were always the same. Her walking out or trying to turn it on me.

I'm not perfect, but it took 2 of us to get here.

I've realized that she is no longer a support. I really wanted to work it out and improve. She chose to go on dating websites and ignore family through that and work.

I know shes going through post partem, but the way shes acting is unacceptable.

I still want it to work between us but everyday I feel it to be more of a pipedream.

I'm concerned for my 2 little ones once I'm out of the home. I've arranged my work schedule to a degree where in virtually a stay at home dad. I work full time, but long shifts so I have 4 days off.

I'm tired of my mood swings. One day I'm balling my eyes out, next I feel weak, next I feel strong, next I feel angry and betrayed and in some days all of these all at once.

I just need someone to talk to.

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eddie1975's picture
Mar 9

It did take two of you to get there. You can only control yourself though. I know it sucks. I'm going through this too. You have to maintain a large support group. Family, friends, preacher- people you can trust. Work on yourself. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. I experience the mood swings too. Crying one day, happy the next. Just focus on doing the right thing no matter how she acts. Take the high road.

Mar 9

@eddieeskew, such good advice.

Mar 13

Hello friend! I am sorry that you are going through this right now! I also agree with you on the fact that you need someone to talk to, as well as a group of people to support you! Maybe a friend or a counselor? Set a goal in your mind on what you want for yourself and your family on this situation and work on it! I don't know if you believe in God but I am praying that you and your children find the comfort and support that you need! Keep moving forward my friend!


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