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I'm new here divorce is imminent. My wife doesn't sleep in t


I'm new here divorce is imminent. My wife doesn't sleep in the bed anymore, doesn't talk to me(unless it's harsh). My 3 kids are neutral but they 21,19, 15 so they kinda know what's up. I still love my wife but I doubt she loves me back.

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Mar 7

Going back to work must be like going on vacation! Hang in there D, hope you feel better.

Mar 7

@denlar77 don’t leave. I did because I thought it was the only chance at saving my marriage. Now she’s in the house I bought before we got married. I am renting, dealing alone with some rental properties we have, taking care of the cabin up north, paying her bills and she has a simple and comfortable life. I made it so easy for her because I loved her and wanted her to have the time she needed to decompress. Now I’m stressed and she isn’t so of course her life is better. If I had stayed I’d be divorced by now and probably a year into the healing.

Mar 16

I agree john2112, some days I wanna leave...especially on my days off. I leave for work kinda early like 90 min, and come home whenever i feel like it. I stay because of my kids and in a few weeks, my spouse and I lose our health coverage. Being married makes it cheaper. If we get divorced or file taxes separately, then we might owe the IRS money, cause we get $$ off from the federal government. I have no place to go locally. My parents are in NC(800miles away), plus they are in their mid-upper 60's. I'd rather live in CT and keep my current job at Foxwoods.


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