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I'm new here divorce is imminent. My wife doesn't sleep in t


I'm new here divorce is imminent. My wife doesn't sleep in the bed anymore, doesn't talk to me(unless it's harsh). My 3 kids are neutral but they 21,19, 15 so they kinda know what's up. I still love my wife but I doubt she loves me back.

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Mar 29

@denlar77 O M G my narc had to yell at me every morning. I'm not really sure why, I mean I know he got a hormone rush from it and I know it made him feel superior to yell at me, but why he actually yelled at me I just don't know. I didn't do anything.

Apr 22

my spouse says I only think of myself, I take too many days off(NOT), I am a f**** loser, even her sisters say so too, I am losing my current health insurance and my spouse too, at the end of April, I am being blamed for not getting another policy for "us". I cannot afford $800/mo or $220/week, but we both have meds we need, smh

Apr 24

I was "told" and my kids were told too(21,20), that we are on our own as far as meals, laundry, etc.. My son got angry about it. My spouse needs a ride to and from work, he said "guess what?, she on her own. I'm not doing it". Friday(payday) i will buy my own hamper for my own laundry. Pay rent, so I have a place to sleep. Then she's on her own. I was called a ****, @@@hole, loser, you name it. I don't call her names like that. I am trying financially to get a second car on the road that she can use.


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