I'm feeling so alone and abandoned, betrayed, devastated and

I'm feeling so alone and abandoned, betrayed, devastated and heartbroken. My wife and I have been married for 20 years. She told me last month that she has been having a long time affair and she is divorcing me and marrying him when our divorce is final. She is still living in the house until everything is final. I have been a good husband and a wonderful father to our 17 year old son. I feel like she is ripping our hearts and trying to explain that what she is doing is right. I was shocked and she doesn't even care. She actually used my credit card without telling me to buy plane tickets to go see him on this trip. She has spent everything I have evr earned and noe wants a settlement that she knows I can't afford. She is abandoning our son and that is the worse thing. We both believed in God when we got married and Jesus was the one who we made a covenant with and then with each other. She can't still believe and act like this. I am very ill with leukemia and too weak to fight her. I still love her and I don't know why after all she has done and is doing. Tomorrow I am speaking with my attorney to respond to her offer of what she wants. We live in California which is a no fault state. When we met I was very wealthy and had no debt. After 20 years of her spending I am broke and have almost $100,000 of debt. This is so wrong and I feel so lost and confused and I have been through a lot and seen a lot in my former profession. Advice anyone?

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14 hours ago

@docgero I still believe that God works in ways we don't understand. My situation with my ex is an example of that. I believe God put my ex in my path to bring me closer to him (long story). I was brought up Catholic but all my adult life, didn't practice my faith. Actually, I didn't even believe. I am now a Christian due to the events that unfolded with and because of my ex. I don't know what the scriptures say, although I have certainly read the one you quoted. But my faith and trust in Jesus is truly a miracle in my life. All divorces are not due to infidelity. We were on the exact same page there. I did everything possible to save my marriage. It requires both parties to be engaged. This was his 8th marriage and my 2nd. Go figure.

4 hours ago

Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm trying to be strong. Every time I turn around she is not telling the truth. It is all very confusing when someone who is honest is with someone who is not. My head is spinning and I never know what to expect next. Please take care, Steve

4 hours ago

God does not approve of divorce as you can see in the scriptures. You are correct that someday we will understand and this body and world are temporary. I too became Born Again and it was on my first date with my wife. Every person serves some purpose in our lives good and bad. Hopefully we will know that purpose is in the future.

Bless you,



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