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If I buy a shotgun and wander into the woods I could end me.


If I buy a shotgun and wander into the woods I could end me.

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Jul 10

Please don't do that. I believe that all things can get better, and I hope that is true for you. Sometimes it's just a matter of time to feel better.

Jul 12

@webjr I am seeing this a few days after your post but I hope things are better. There are days when things seem so bad but you will get through it. Things change and feelings change all the time. Please don't do anything to harm yourself. Be strong. Everyone on this site is here for you. Please try to find someone to talk to in person to help you through this. Hugs

FreakedOut2019's picture
Jul 13

Do not do that in the woods.
Everybody thinks about ending things sometimes. It will pass.

Just remember... whose gonna find u? A couple of kids..a family out hiking. That's horrible. They may never forget that image and it would so impact them forever! Don't do that.

And u can't do it in the house. How's your family gonna sell a house a suicide was committed in?


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