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I would like to ask an opinion of anyone who has been marrie

I would like to ask an opinion of anyone who has been married over half their life like me. Me and my husband have been married for 27 years. I knew how cute he was when we married and how girls still tried to call and chase him around. He didn't acknowledge anything in front of me of course. Well a few years ago I was told by a good friend that a guy who used to work for my husband had stated that he talked about this girl that he messed with the head my second son was born. Also the year we bought our first house. Well he said they were lying of course and I believed him of course. Well last year for some reason he decided to tell me he had a fling with her but they just talked on the phone for an entire summer and worked with her for an entire summer everyday. But nothing happened of course. I am so hurt and frustrated. I really want to leave him now. Or better yet go sleep with someone like I know he did her. I know he did, he likes women to much and would not have turned her down if she kept chasing him like he said she did. I found her but she won't talk to me. He gets mad when I try to talk to him and tells me to leave if I don't believe him. On top of that right after he told me this I found out I have breast cancer. What should I do?

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CannotSeeTheWayOut's picture
Apr 29, 2017

From everything you are saying it really doesn't sound like a happy future is a possibility.

Apr 29, 2017

You are probably right. I just have to get through this cancer and then figure out my next move

ASleepyKitten's picture
Apr 29, 2017

world without cancer


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