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I went down to the courthouse to explain to them, again, tha

I went down to the courthouse to explain to them, again, that they made a mistake in calculating child support. They said they fixed the problem. I have to file a 5th Motion asking for clarification as to why I'm not getting support for taking care of my daughter if my ex's income is 4 times mine. I should be receiving support, not paying.

Got home and my daughter needed shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and food. Went to the store and my debit card was declined, my account is overdrawn. Had to put everything back and tell her we'll have to figure out something else for food.

Mortgage hasn't been paid in 2 months, heat & electric shutoff notice came 3 weeks ago, and no food for my daughter, because half of the little income I have goes directly into my ex's account so she can make those car payments on that $50,000 Sports car and "get away from it all" and spend 4 days in the Bahamas.

You see, for me, 2 years out from the divorce being finalized, this is what "moving on with your life" consists of. Living like a homeless person and trying to take care of my daughter while all my money is taken away.

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Fiftyyoung's picture
Jan 11

@Michael72 I’m truly sorry for the mess your X and the court system has caused you. You’ve given me so much encouragement going through my mess. You have so much going for you but you’re in a really shi**y place right now. The only advice I can think of is to get involved with church groups, Divorce Care, any and all supportive groups. Even a book club. You never know when you meet someone, or someone you meet knows someone, that can help you. Try to stay positive even though right now you’re in a really tough place.

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Jan 11

A lot of us have faith in you man. I'm barely surviving too. I wouldn't be able to feed my kids if I weren't using a credit card. I've been waiting six months on her to get me the $15,000 she owes me from her 401(k) so I can pay my attorney and pay the credit card off and get to a somewhat affordable place. But she told the court she hasn't done anything because she didn't know the answers to the security questions to get online because I'm the one who set them up. She started this job after she walked out on me. I didn't set that crap up. But the court believes her and gives her more time to watch me sink. The court system is absolutely ridiculous how they "favor" women. It may come to the point where I have to go to our local food pantry.

I attend the Church of Christ and we help people all the time Michael. There HAS to be one close to you. Go to them and they will help you. If your bills are behind they will help you. As Christians we are commanded to help people in need. You may not think this will pass but it will. Three years is a long time I know but it will come to an end. She will reap what she has sown. I'm coming up on three years of this hell myself. Even when I go back and look at my older journals I can see that I am better today than I was last year. Next year will be even better.

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Jan 12

Woke up to go to my daughter's basketball game at 10, but I can't get in. It costs $3 to enter, and I don't have it.

This is how I have to live


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