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I was served my papers yesterday. After saying we would be


I was served my papers yesterday. After saying we would be cordial and come up with a fair agreement, an agreement that is in the best interest of our child, I am hit with a packet full of nonsense. A packet that has nothing to do with the best interest of our child but what is best for her. Unfortunately, this does nothing but make things harder on our child. Money will now have to be given to a lawyer instead of our child. It disgusts me what people end up doing. I still wouldn't go after the kitchen sink because that would not be in the best interest of our son. However, I refuse to be taken advantage of. When I mentioned my thoughts to her, her response, "I don't understand what's even in there." Come on, how are you going to let someone represent you and allow him to dictate what is being asked for. It's a disgrace and unfortunate. It boggles my mind how you can be married to someone for over 10 years and feel like you don't know them anymore. It's a shame how much people change.

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Jul 11

I totally understand what you are saying. I was married for twenty four years and my ex husband and I divorced. We decided to be civil, for our children. He had an affair, of which, I could not get over or forgive him. I have been the one to educate them in college for the last six years. It seems as though I didn't ever really know that person. I am so sorry for what you are going through. It is wonderful that you are keeping your child, and their interest, as best. Divorce is the hardest thing I had to ever face. It is such a shame how people change.

Jul 12

@sumnumber Thank you! I am sorry for what you had to endure as well. Although I do not have physical proof, all of the actions point to her having some "fun" outside our marriage; even before we separated. At this point, I do not care what she does. She is the one who has to live with her decisions. I am just going to stay positive and continue doing the right thing. One thing I have to say is that I am happy that I maintained my faithfulness, loyalty, and honesty throughout this process. I will not lower myself because she has.

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Jul 12

Same exact thing happened to me after twenty years. My wife's attorney is the spawn of satan. So much nonsense in the court papers. I did not let her bully me and I walked away with the deal of a lifetime because I did the right thing the whole time while she let her attorney go for the throat. our six kids saw right through all of that "nonsense" and they hate my wife, their mother. Whatever you do don't repay evil with evil. If you do what is right Karma will get her- guaranteed.


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