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I see so many people who have bounced back after their divor

I see so many people who have bounced back after their divorce and I can't understand why I am not one of those people. I had a period of time when I felt better but it didn't last long. I have been careful to eliminate things that I know were holding me back from moving forward but it appears it is just me. Married 24 years, lived alone for 2 years this month, divorced for over a year and final settlement was in April. I am starting counseling and checking on a med change next week. Anyone else struggling this bad?

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Jul 12's pretty tough for sure....... never ever thought I was this broken to not be able to be broken by a man and recover

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Jul 12

Everyone heals at their own pace. Really there is no timetable for moving on. Take care of yourself.


@TeaBerry2019 during therapy I was told we can experience the same level of grief aa a death because its a loss. We are trying to learn our new reality without that person and in your case over 2 decades which is a long time to be with someone. I was only in 5 years and still think about him in everyday life because I did all the wifely duties and took good care of his every need now its just me.


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