I hit a slump for a while where it seemed I was so inefficie

I hit a slump for a while where it seemed I was so inefficient and so many hassles and nothing seeming to get done. It was like I was frozen. The movers broke my antique rocker that was my grandmother's and my mother's, had to get estimate for that, stove had to be delivered twice because it was dented, had to take dogs to the vet a couple times, etc. But I started picking up the pace a little the past week and I've cleaned and lined most of my kitchen drawers, have gotten a lot of stuff put away, a lot to go still. And it is starting to come together. I can see a lot of the floors now. Today I got my new will and financial power of attorney notarized, still have to get the medical one done, finally got my new GA driver license, in my name, and my car titled in GA in only my name, and made a trip to the dump to throw away a bunch of cardboard boxes from the move. They had been sitting out front and with all the leaves everywhere the place was looking nasty. The seller of this house has a lawn care business and paid him yesterday to come mow and blow the leaves and I got all the cardboard up. Makes such a difference to come home to a clean and kept home front. Had to go to a separate office yesterday to get a sticker on my car in order to be able to go to the dump, which they told me to go there and turns out it is closed on Wednesdays. And the people in that office were not wearing masks. Everything has been a hassle. Have had to call multiple contractors for estimates and they all seem to have a different opinion. I think I finally chose the contractors to handle the mold and pest exclusion problems, hopefully if they respond to my questions I emailed them, and have the septic to figure out next. Sometimes I think I find the right company to work with to get things done and I don't hear from them again, they don't respond. Unbelievable. Girl at septic company was really going to work with me and then didnt hear from her again and no response to emails. So have to start calling others. After having called the one already that installed the new lines only 2 years ago but can't find the paperwork and won't guarantee their work or help me.
Smh. Have been babysitting a lot for my daughter whose business has picked up. My work has gone down to almost nothing. After I get the mold, hvac vents, and septic issues handled the job hunt will have to take priority and the other repairs will get done as I go, like normal people. It's all been so overwhelming for me but I'm starting to pull through. And hope the car lasts since the house has taken the car money. Life after divorce. Get your will done folks so it doesn't go to the ex. When my kids were young I put my mom as beneficiary on my life insurance so their father wouldn't get the money and spend it. I trusted my mom to make sure kids were taken care of if I died. So my divorce was final last December and I finally have everything in my own name. Confession though, his amazon prime is still on my phone and I use it when I want to watch shows on it. I'll change it when I change the phone. Yesterday was my step daughter's birthday. I sent her a card and a package with some stuff of my ex's that I found when I was unpacking. I know he moved so I hope it got to them and I hope he let her have the birthday card. I guess I won't know. That's all. Just updates and observations.

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Nov 22

@beth65 Unfortunately, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Just because a contractor doesn't get back to you when he said he would doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't want to do the work. They get distracted and if something else gets in the way, you won't hear from them. Where I live trying to get someone to call you back or even show up is a real problem. If you talked to someone you think is competent, I'd try calling him again. Good luck with the work on your home. When you're done, it will be so worth it.

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Nov 23

@mmadlecl thank you. I called this morning and was told I would get a call back in 30 minutes. I gave up and started checking around some more and lined up 3 more people to come give estimates. Then he called me back this afternoon. He said they were covering for two office people who were self quarantining due to being exposed to covid and that he would be getting his emails today and tomorrow. I told him how impressed I was with him and that I would be going out of town Wednesday and making a decison by Monday.

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Nov 23

@beth65 I hope you can get him to do the work.

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