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i have not been on here in awhile, my ex and i started talki

i have not been on here in awhile, my ex and i started talking again, he said all these things we started going out on dates, then he pulled back, then we went on more dates, but i barely hear from him, now I saw him last on sunday he stayed over and left monday am, i barely heard from him that day but that seems normal these days now it is going on 2 days and i have not heard from him i promised myself no matter what happened i would not be the one reaching out, trying to talk to him or texting or calling him so far i have done that. But this is also tearing me up i figure he should want to talk to me and now why have I not heard from him in 2 days, we never defined what it was we were doing so i feel like as of right now i am not going to ask questions, he said all these things about Christmas and i thought everything was good as of Monday but if he has not talked to me something is going on and this is really not good for me i dont know what to think or do now.

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Dec 7

so, stop doing it. if/when he pops back up, define what it is you are doing.

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Dec 7

Don't let him control your life. I know that's not easy but you told yourself you won't pursue him so don't. Give it more time. I've found out time is an amazing healer. I'm still not 100% over my ex. Twenty months since I last touched her and five months after divorce. Still have feelings. They are not as intense as they were but they are still there. I made a choice to avoid her at all costs. The only way I will talk to her is if she gets into therapy and invites me. I let her know that. I've stuck with that too and life is better because I don't have to worry about what she is thinking, what she is doing. She's not my concern. Actually you guys on here are my concern. You need my love more than she does. We all do. We are the victims.

Dec 7

Right, common sense says stop doing it. I am going to try, I want him in my life but not like this, it's odd really it is harder for me now then when he first left. It's pathetic that I am holding onto whatever he gives me. And he does not give me much. BUT, I am going to try I need to be done, I know he loves me, but not enough, he loves being out there being single more. we had kids at 17 so there was not a lot of time for that. being single. FUNNY he wants to be single now and I am terrified of it, starting all over trying being alone.
But I am going to try harder, try harder cause if I don't this will destroy me. and I am stronger than that , i am worth more than that. all the love he says he has for me yet, he just wont walk away. so I need to, walk away. it's extremely painful,


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