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I have been married for 24 years. A few weeks ago my wife to

I have been married for 24 years. A few weeks ago my wife told me she didn't love me any more. I was in shock and am still in shock. We are still in the same house because while I'm having to cope with this I am caring for her dad that is dying with Alzheimers and dementia so I am overwhelmed to say the least.

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Oct 24

I am so sorry to hear this. It had to be a tremendous shock. The truth is that this happens in most relationships. People think they don't love each other anymore because emotions easily ebb and flow according to the stress of regular life. It sounds like a lot is going on. I think you are doing all the right things. You are taking care of what needs to be taken care. You are showing her love no matter how she is acting. That is true love; the kind of love God has for us. That is not easy but God is giving you strength, peace, and wisdom and he will not leave you. I believe your wife is overwhelmed and confused. I pray for her to open her heart to what God wants to speak to her right now. Using the Bible to show her where she is wrong is not as effective as allowing God to love her through you. You are doing an awesome job. You may be able to get a little help with your father in law through respite care so you don't wear your self down.

Oct 26

Thank you Rose. We talked yesterday for about 20 minutes, it was nice but painful. She is agitated that God has turned me back into the man she loved so much but she is insistent on filing though she hasn't yet which gives me some hope. It is still very confusing for both of us but I know the only chance for reconciliation is if God does a miracle in her heart. Yesterday she was questioning God's love for her so I shared an awesome message on Heartscry ministries about how much God loves her. Her heart is still closed to me but I know God can open it again. I am on day 20 of the Love Dare and I see much change in me and glimpses of changes in her but I know that she must come back to me if this is going to be reconciled, I would love to just hold, kiss her and let her know that we'll be fine in God's plan but I know she's not ready yet. Hurry God, we need You to fix us.

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Oct 26

@Ang3lBlaz3 so proud of you....not only did you take care of his mother (considering that's his responsibility) ...you picked yourself up and you also rejected his proposal to come back into the relationship....i cant imagine the strength it would have taken you to get to that point. I was in a similar situation it took me a while to figure out the ex husband was a narcissist...but i am much happier without him and like u he asked me back i just told him were done there is nothing more to say or do. Life is much more peaceful =)


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