I finally got a weekend without the kids. I really needed th

I finally got a weekend without the kids. I really needed the break although I cried most of the time. I think I'm going back & forth in the grieving stages. Last night I went to have dinner & drinks with friends. One became so upset with me because of my still being hurt about my ex husband. He told me to get a life & that I'm still sitting around hurt & crying about someone who doesn't even think about me. He said my ex is living his life & I am still stuck which is true but it kind of hurt my feelings the way he came off. He might as well called me stupid. I don't sit around being hurt intentionally, it's not easy controlling how I feel. I feel like a loser honestly. & I don't have a life because I am always drained from being down. Sometimes I feel like giving up on life.

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@DecorColubridae thank you for commenting & for your advice. I really appreciate it. I am trying to get better at writing in my journal.


@danior393 thank you so much I really appreciate your comment & kind words. I will continue to push through each day.

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Jan 13

@Lifehurts2018 You’re welcome, if a journal doesn’t work take a photo, paint a picture,Scribble a drawing, just get it out and aside until you can tend to it so that you aren’t swamped and overwhelmed in your day. ❤️


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