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I feel like I have to go on a final blitz to beg her to give

I feel like I have to go on a final blitz to beg her to give us another chance today but I know it's over. Everyone, including her, has told me. I feel like I'm giving up too easy if I don't and yet feel like I'm in denial if I do. Some of you have told me it's not over even if she files but it seems like the act is such a fixed ending. I know I just need to focus on improving myself for the sake of my mind state and kids but some days are easier than others.

Nov 19

I did wasn't pretty...and here is the thing...I don't believe that we should have to beg our spouse to want us....I never, ever, gave up on my was not a great could have been a lot better minus his girlfriend.....if you have made your feelings known to her , and she is still telling you that she doesn't ;love you and feels better when you are not around, the least you should do is separate, and hopefully she will miss the crap out of have done everything you can do


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