I appreciate you guys more than you will ever know even if I

I appreciate you guys more than you will ever know even if I get 5mins of relief after reading your comments only God knows how much I am grateful. My ex tried to help replace my car & house keys that my daughter lost but I declined. Afterwards I ended up on his social media & the OW. I saw that he went to her family party, it wasn't a open picture I just spotted the side of him & I've been a mess ever since. I cried most of the night into today. It just hurts that he didn't fight for his family & now he seems happy with the her. I feel so hurt. It bothers me that he maybe treating her better than he did me & now that he's better off financially he's happier & he's doing things for her he never did for me. & I am afraid of him having a baby with her..I feel like closing myself off from the world. I am trying to move pass this but it hurts like hell. I loved him so much & made so many sacrifices for him. I have loss myself.

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@Leahzan I agree.


@chaoticjoy3 I can do it & I will do it, thank you.

Dec 4

@Lifehurts2018 you're welcome


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