i am feeling so lost. i got married 4 months ago to someone

i am feeling so lost. i got married 4 months ago to someone i dated for 5 months there were a lot of red flags that i failed to see and now i just want a divorce! i feel so lonely. i am 25 years old and i do not want to waste my time with an addict. i belive that he has an issue and is taking a lot of pills he says it is just xanx but i dont believe it as i catched him many times in the house acting very weird and when i asked him what is wrong what are you on he would lie and denny until i keep asking and then he would spill the truth. even before that he would say things like it is all in my head and that hw is fine. I dont think he is mentally stable to get married in the first place. This makes me feel like **** for choosing someone like this and i am sure that no one will support me if i wanted to get a divorce. i feel lost and helpless.

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@mmadlecl i am not sure how to do it and the fact that i love him kills me cuz he is bad for me

Mar 9

Hi friend, things did improve and we were married for 22 years. He did however leave me one night unfortunately and we divorced. It was awful. I wouldn’t wish divorce on anyone. I do have a friend who went through something similar and they are still married and their marriage is thriving. I am sending big hugs to you and hoping that you both can work through this and your marriage can survive. Miracles do happen. Take good care.❤️

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Mar 9

You are 25, you have a lot of life ahead of you. Divorce will be hard, but maybe this is the push you need to get your life rolling. College, a training course, a new job, a move, life is yours for the taking! Don't ever forget that!


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