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I’ve been with my wife 26 years. I found out over a text

I’ve been with my wife 26 years. I found out over a text that she wants to part ways. I am beyond devastated. We have been growing apart and we both recognized it but I expressed my desire for us to get help a few months back. Needless to say it takes 2 for it to work. I have 2 teenagers and are concerned of how this is going to affect them. I’m lost and can’t think clearly. I’m still in love with her and crushed. Looking for suggestions of how to deal with my emotions. Any info would be appreciated

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Jun 13

@lostinlevittown Yes, you do deserve better, but it still hurts I know. Stay strong my friend!!!

BlessinginDisguise2018's picture
Jun 14

@TofuOrNotTofu My husband and I attended A Weekend to Remember in Jacksonville, Fl. It was a great experience. Unfortunately, years later all that great advice went out the window. Both people have to be willing to fight for it to last and be successful. Counseling was a total waste for us because my husband was not ready to receive constructive criticism. Everyone is different. I would definitely look into some enrichment may help you and your wife. It was a great and uplifting experience. It helped out of families when we attended.

Jun 14

@eddieeskew Oh, I agree with you and what you said does not sound mean,


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