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I’ve been so depressed . I already suffer from depression

I’ve been so depressed . I already suffer from depression and anxiety. My husband has left again. He keeps going back and forth to me to his mistress and I guess I have allowed it. He keeps coming back saying he wants his family back things are going to be different and I fall for it every time. I’m so sad I just don’t have the energy to pick myself up Anymore I feel useless worthless. All I do is cry I’m not participating in my kids life anymore I just order take out food and make sure there clean and have eaten. I just don’t know what to do I wish I could kill myself because I’m nothing. I’m just so tired of having to pick myself up that I give up. I wish somebody could please help me I’m dying

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Dec 3

@NevaMae99 Thank you soooo very much.

Dec 3

@NevaMae99 This helped me so much. I’m going to check out the book now and do more praying. I have to work hard on this. Thank you very much again

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Dec 3

@Pinktoenails718 I pray that it helps you! Feel free to message me if you want to chat more. :-)


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