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I’m terrified. I have two girls and my husband and I are g

I’m terrified. I have two girls and my husband and I are going to get a divorce.

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May 15, 2019

That sucks. I don't care what anyone says, divorce is ten times harder on kids than adults. I talk about this all the time because I have six kids suffering because my wife decided to cheat and divorce me. I understand people saying you will heal (and you will partially) but there will always be a scar and it's worse for the children. I'm a child of divorce and I swore to God I would never let it happen to my children but I couldn't control her cheating unfortunately so here I am, watching my kids decline academically, be promiscuous, talk about suicide, give up all sports and they were each participating in at least three sports. It's a freaking nightmare and all because she wasn't happy.

May 15, 2019

@eddie1975 I know what you mean. When my parents divorce, I was 16 and I was propelled into fatherhood as I had 3 younger brothers to look after and my mom had to work 50+ hours a week. I always felt I lost part of my youth. But, I also feel that I learned certain lessons that help me now in my own divorce. Paradoxical I know, but this is life.

eddie1975's picture
May 16, 2019

@Hurt54 I had one sister and financially we were taken care of but my stepdad beat me regularly and raped my sister. I'm sure this is what makes me have so much fear of another man in my children's lives. I just can't allow it. People tell me I'm paranoid and all that but this guy cheated on his wife with my wife. If he's capable of that lever of bad ethics then I don't know what else he is capable of.

We were fostering a sixteen year old girl who is the biological sister of our youngest adopted child and finally in her life she thought she had found a home, but then my wife went nuts and often when I speak to my daughter (she calls me dad) she tells me she is so angry that she didn't have a normal childhood. She missed all the dances and parties and everything else high school kids do. She had her childhood ripped from her.

Then our oldest adopted son, who is sixteen now and currently in a group home, has already had a lot of his youth ripped from him because he was beaten by my wife. He has spent about a year of the last three years in states custody and almost everyone who talks to him blames him for everything even though he as told dozens of people the exact same story about being abused by his adoptive mother.

She suppresses it and blames me for our lives. That's one of the things that angers me. She id directly responsible for the lives of eight children and refuses to acknowledge any fault.

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