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Hi - this is my first time posting in the group. I'm having

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Hi - this is my first time posting in the group. I'm having a bit of a rough time in child custody court. One part is that Dad asked for 3 days notice prior to any medical appointments for our young child. Is this normal? He doesn't believe in doctors. I am the only one who takes her. I always notify him prior but he likes to pretend in court that I go against court orders. What if she is ill on a Wednesday and has a 5 day visit with him starting Friday? Do I wait 8 days to take her to the MD. He will not do it. I feel like it's a judgement call that can possibly mean life or death. The number of children who died last flu season was extreme. There are all kinds of illnesses that cannot be pinpointed by a non-doctor. But often a parent just brings them to the MD because they have a feeling something is wrong.

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Jun 13

I don't know if your husband is evil or naive or a genuinely nice guy that is just confused. I'm not making any assumptions but I can say be careful in your assumptions. Attorneys can be vicious people. They know the law well enough to navigate through every loophole and expose every minute detail. I know my wife isn't capable of coming up with the stuff that ends up in out court documents. She even admitted to my sister that her attorney is blowing things out of proportion. This could be your husbands attorney coming up with all this crazy stuff.

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Jun 14

@Scat - Yes, the kids just get ignored and neglected in the way the system is now.

Jun 15

@eddieeskew, I agree sometimes attorneys get carried away playing hardball when their clients wanna play nice.


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