Hi, I am still trying to figure things out, husband asked fo

Hi, I am still trying to figure things out, husband asked for a divorce, then I found out he was in love with his best friends spouse, it’s hard because we have 3 kids and youngest 20 months...is it sad, that I still love him...ugh! The Holidays doesn’t make it any easier...

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Dec 8

5 years from now, I want to be happy, loving myself even more, known I’ve done everything for those kids. I do feel my kids are doing the best they can in this situation. My daughter had a basketball game today, he came, he’s being very civil with me, he talks to kids. I want to do counseling, I want to work things out, he doesn’t, I’m afraid to even tell him how I feel because I’m afraid to get shut down. I mean he wants the divorce, make it any worse when he asks for divorce and then rejects me again...I’m trying to have patience and let him figure out what he wants to do. But when I saw him today I was sitting between his grandma and his mom (which his mom doesn’t support his decision), poor Grandma doesn’t know anything, he hasn’t told them. I felt close to his mom and the family, and just felt weird with husband...he just looks different, I hear his voice, and it’s him...but when I look at him, it’s not him. It’s a weird feeling.

6 hours ago

@Marijj1013 You are so strong! Hang in there!

14 minutes ago

Thank you for your feedback. I continue to struggle but trying to stay strong for myself and my kids. This isn’t easy and I don’t wish this on any one. I’m trying hard to not accept this but I think this is it, he obviously has moved on.


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