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Hi I am new to support groups.... Could really use some (sup


Hi I am new to support groups.... Could really use some (support) today just feel so wore out today!! Just want to feel like my self again. Any thoughts on how to get thru days like this? Thanks

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Great to hear! Keep riding the emotional waves.

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Mar 14

U wont die. Itll make u stronger. Trust me. 8 years now. Realized it 4 years ago and cant leave yet but done my homework and am planning....yayaya i know im pathetically dependant and it sucks. U need people to talk to and support. Virtual friends have helped me as real life people think we are nuts when describing a narc at times. I have both but enjoy my virtual friends more lol. . Maybe Join our chat on the group me app. Download the app and then join oir chat room, something me abd another member on here started to help us to able to vent when needed and chat.
Theres a few of us that are on here now hoping to grow it. We love this site but its not instant. Just create and log in w a made up name. Message me on here if u need help.

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Mar 15

I accidentally posted this under your thread here. Im sorry. I dont know how to delete it. We still have the chat group if u ever care to join but the comments werent to go along with your post. So sorry.


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