Hi Everyone. I haven't been on in a while. Things are prog

Hi Everyone. I haven't been on in a while. Things are progressing. I need to give the attorney a list of what is mine and what is his. I am not sure why we are doing this. How detailed do I have to get? Do I have to count every plate and glass and pot?

I will be going flying out on my first visit to the place I am thinking of moving to. I have an appointment scheduled with a Realtor to show me the communities and homes for sale. I have contacted a CFP for an appointment to review my finances and to help me make plans. I have booked airline tickets, the hotel, and the rental car.

I have a list of grocery stores I want to check out to compare prices, a list of apartments to look at in order to rent while I am working on buying. I have also contacted a property manager to see if she will have anything I can rent in May and I've asked if she wants to meet me while I am there.

I will check out the restaurants, go to open homes, check out different suburbs, check out storage places for my furniture (just in case), I also want to go to a furniture store where I saw a bedroom set I might be interested in purchasing.

I am terrified of getting Covid-19 doing all of this. I flow in and out of anger at stbx. Throughout this marriage his behavior has been miserable. He has been a liar, sneaky, untrustworthy, dishonorable, and abusive. I try to remember all of the nasty and hurtful things he has done and continues to do as a way to help me heal and move forward. I can now see through him when he tries to shift the blame onto me and I refuse to accept it. I also try to remind myself that being upset isn't going to change anything or serve any purpose, so my best course of action is to put the emotions aside and concentrate on moving forward with my life. I hope to build a better life since I am starting over anyway.

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Jan 14

@mmadlecl Thank you mmadlecl. Sending best wishes to you for your move.

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Jan 14

@PB2020 I can relate. My EX recently had a really crappy week because of his horrible decisions. He was looking for some sympathy, but all I could think of was how happy I was to not have to deal with any of that anymore. I didn't gloat, but I also didn't say "oh, I'm so sorry..." For months I've wondered if he was taking care of things and avoided nagging him about it (because it isn't my business anymore). Well, he didn't and now he is risking actually losing things of value.

Jan 14

You're so strong and you can do this. Selling my house and realtors are all practicing social distancing while they show the homes, so it's all good. No worries.


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