Hi all, I'm really struggling with this divorce process. My

Wife cheated, found her in bed w/other men. Hi all, I'm really struggling with this divorce process. My wife cheated on me with multiple men and I found all this out within the past month. She's playing so many games including putting these men literally in my face. We have 2 kids together. Her daughter called me last night to come back to the house (I suddenly moved out, literally within 1hr) after she said get out, she no longer loves me. When I went back to the house at 4:30am I found her in bed with another man. 2 guys in 2 nights in a row and many, many more. I'm heartbroken as the young girl is my stepdaughter and son I raised (under 5yrs old) is not legally mine. Today she pulled the kids from me and literally told me she was doing it just to hurt me. This is horrible and my life collapsed...I really need some advice or support. I can never see her again and then tonight she texted me to come over because "she needs a friend." I'm so embarrassed and humiliated.

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Jul 16

@HurtHubby - Yes, I wish it wasn't all true but it's 100% true unfortunately. She is extremely controlling and plays all these bizarre games - exactly, controlling & testing me. The kids are breaking my heart but she is literally impossible. I do have a good lawyer as well. I'm just devastated for the kids but anyone acting like that towards another human is awful...and the one that just married her (obviously myself)...just cannot put into words. Horrified at what I had to see the past 2 days & weeks...

Jul 16

@Scorpio37 , do what you can for the children, they will remember these things. Ask your lawyer, I do not know the laws, but since they are step children, I do not know you rights. The most important thing now is to take care of you.

Jul 17

I agree with hurthubby.. do what you can for the children.. one day they will remember all you tried to do. Rights of children not legally yours in a gay marriage i'm not 100%sure but I do believe that you should be entitled to rights. They need better laws, I could go off for hours about that but I won't. Right now I know you are hurting, I know you are sad but stay focused on what's important. You are a good woman and you deserve happiness and Karma is going to come around and it won't be pretty for this toxic woman. Stay away from her. I supported your page so you can private message me but I can't message you until you support me. I'm here for you, I know what it is to love someone who treats you as though you are nothing more than a stain on their shirt or dirt on their shoe.


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