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Hey everyone, So I initially got a temporary protective o

Hey everyone,

So I initially got a temporary protective order from my STBX. He has pushed himself in the house and started recording me. He said I was not letting him see our baby so ( we have two) mind you he has them the day before. To get back at me and be spiteful he maliciously butchered the babie’s hair leaving bald spots. I was so distraught that he would do this to his own child. He dropped the kids over and left abruptly. When I saw what he had done I was crying uncontrollably. So, he comes over the next day to take my older son to karate. I get my son ready and he leaves. When dropping him off he tried to come in the house. My daughter and I did not feel comfortable with him coming inside, after what he did to the baby . So he pushes himself inside and starts recording me. To make a long story short I had to call the police so he would leave and he got escorted out. The officer told me that since we are both on the mortgage that he can come and go as he pleases, mind you he hasn’t lived here in over a year. The lives with the OW up the road from me. The officer did tell him that it would be best if he didn’t just be pop up, as I could be asleep with the boys and think it’s a burglar in the house. I changed the locks after his sister moved out in late November. He would just show up whenever he wanted. On two occasions tried to get in the bed with me and have sex. These incidents is what got my temp protective order approved. So, I am given a date to come back for the final hearing. I decided not to go as I just wanted to be left alone and hoped that would stop him from trying to come into the home. What happens? He ends up putting a PO in me. He saying i did all of these things! he even had the nerve to mention his girlfriend. I could not believe it!!! He said she was a vulnerable party. How could he be so cruel. I hate this man with all of my heart. She’s not the first person he has cheating with. There have been many, from what I have been told. Fast forward, I go to court and he is there with a lawyer. My lawyer could not make it. I was a little nervous but I knew that I was not in the wrong and that he filed the PO out of retaliation. He was also served with a complaint for divorce the night before. So, the judge gave me three options

1: continue with the hearing
2: reschedule the hearing and bring my lawyer
3: agree to the PO and stay away from him for 1 year( not agreeing to any of his allegations)

I chose the third option. He is not allowed to come in the home only to get his things with a law enforcement officer. I am now thinking about all that went down. Does that make me look guilty? All I wanted was for him not to enter the home and harrass me. He has on two different occasions said I assaulted him which is not true. I’ve requested him to have supervised and limited visitations. This ordeal has been horrible. How can the one who has left his family for the OW feel like he can treat me this way? 10 years of my life with this man and now he is my enemy. Why would anyone treat someone like this? Leave all we have built for someone else? I do not ask these questions because I want him back, I just don’t understand any of it.

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Feb 11

I am so sorry that you have had to suffer through all this. Legally I am not sure what this means for you, do you have a lawyer representing you?


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