Hello!! I am new in this group, I joined the "Infidelity gro

Hello!! I am new in this group, I joined the "Infidelity group" too but I am thinking that my marriage cannot be fixed. How do you know when your marriage is over?

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2 hours ago

@1emptysoul Sometimes I feel the same way, we don't have kids but its very hard for me to remove this thoughts out my mind. He says he still loves me but I don't trust him anymore.

1 hour ago

@Butterfly2017 ok I don’t want to sound harsh here but if you loved someone would you cause them that much pain. Is love not total 100% devotion and respect to your chosen love? Should we those who were faithful who believe that our spouse whom we stood up with and vowed to love and honor, forsaking all others ( that means not cheating by the way) Do we not deserve the same in return, and should we not demand that or expect that in someone who stands and says the same. Without trust there is no marriage, without respect from your partner and faithfulness you will dwindle and you will feel so worthless and betrayed. Does this sound like a love you want, or does this sound like any love you ever heard of. If it does than my dear your sense of love has been scewed. Yes during marriages there are fights, words said that hurt sometimes but it gives neither spouse the right to cheat. Also not only is it emotionally damaging, these pathetic cheaters also put your physical health at risk due to stds, or other health risks and all they can do is tell you sorry and go out and do it again, while you suffer. Now this my dear is the 100% truth, uncut and uncensored. Nobody should ever be put through it, it’s a despicable and disgusting thing to do to someone they claim to love. Perhaps it’s a good thing that you did not give him children because the man has no idea what love is.

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45 minutes ago

@1emptysoul yes, you are right, I know my husband stopped loving me when he took the decision to date another woman. I make my own mistakes too and that hurt him too. But still, I did not deserved this. He said he will prove me that he has feelings for me. But I am so depressed that its hard for me too see that. Do you think you can try to love that person again after an affair? I know I love him but is not the same.


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