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Hello everyone. Today is the 2nd day of the new year and aft

Hello everyone. Today is the 2nd day of the new year and after the hurt and pain of the Christmas season it now has just continued to get worse, took another verbal thrashing this morning because I dare to ask what happened to her when I heard her yelp after she evidently walked into the corner of a table in another room. Yes girls and boys this is what I deal with, I try to show concern and take a verbal beating, I understand she has issues but it has gotten so bad now that even Jesus may shake his head. Spoke with the attorney today and for some reason on the way home I had a bad feeling. When I arrived home no one was there. Something told me to check the bank accounts. Half of the money in our accounts had been removed by her, even though the court papers clearly state that neither of us is to utilize assets in anyway as to alter the total assets. Joint account or not as usual I am the last to know. I know it is a civil matter but I decided to call the police and get this and other stuff on the record, like the multiple times I have been assaulted by her and the many times she has smashed things in the house in a fit of rage. When she came home I told her I called the police and was waiting for the officer. Ballistic is a mild reaction, she contacted her friends and family (so she told me) and asked them for help because she was going to be arrested, that never was the case ever, drama omg it is my lot in life with this once wonderful lady that I love. Broken, beaten down to a pulp yes I am, crushed, destroyed, where does the bottom come? Slamming doors screaming and yelling and then the NY final drama, "you are dead to me", I guess I am. I may as well be for my life is in such shambles and my place on the lifeline is much closer to the end than the beginning. Tonight I hope God has the time to listen because I really need the help after today, a day when I think I have finally gotten it through my stupid head that this is much more than I could ever help or cope with. I feel so sorry for her and whatever torments she has inside her. She never was one to talk about stuff, how do you resolve stuff, not matter how bad if you are unwilling to talk about it with your spouse?
To all of you here who are struggling also, my heart goes out to each of you. I have tried to be positive but I am losing the battle. I do not mean to be so negative but today was just too much. GoD Bless each of you.

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Jan 14

@tossedandlost i will pass on the same advice my lawyer passed onto me , if at any point you find yourself alone with your ex record the interaction with them , not for evidence but for protection . the divorce is tough enough to deal with , let alone trying to defend false accusations .

Jan 16

@Renee5 Thank you, Scat is a very special person and has helped many here me included. She deserves the best and everyone's prayers. I believe God will protect her and shield her from the worldly torments she has had to endure. She is truly deserving.

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Jan 16

She is. She is always positive even when she is not feeling well.


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