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Hello everyone, I went to my doctor about my constant anxi

Hello everyone,
I went to my doctor about my constant anxiety and depression. She gave me a RX for Zoloft. Has anyone had good/ bad outcomes with this? I took it last night but still feel the anxiety. I am really hoping that this will get me through the days.

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Jan 11

I'm so sorry for what you're going through. Divorce is truly one of the hardest times in a person's life. Do you have a good support system - family or friends?
I have taken Zoloft and it worked well for me. It does take 72 hours for it to build up in your system and take full effect. Be careful not to miss a dose.
I hope you feel better soon and things get easier for you.

Jan 12

@GirlKitty hello. Not sure if I have a good support system. Everyone tells me I am better off. I know it is true but it still hurts a lot. I have no family where I live, which makes it that much harder. I express my feelings via text message or over the phone. I feel what i really need to someone to actually hold and comfort me face to face. This is my second day taking the meds. I truly hope it helps. Thank you for your kind words. How are you?

Jan 12

I am also sorry for your situation I ones past ture divorce and it was a dack place I felt like I was lost but with the help of my online therapist I am so much better wen ever I am down or have an episode I call her and things always get easier I hope I was of help.


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