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Hello all. I'm new to this group, so I'm not sure of the pr

Hello all. I'm new to this group, so I'm not sure of the protocol, so I'll dive right in. I think the advice you share with each other is priceless.
My situation is a bit different than most here in that my marriage suffered a 'death of 1000 cuts' over many years. I had plenty of time to mourn the loss of the dream, and when it was finally over, it was more of a business transaction.
It's been a year now and I've been trying to master being solo - taking care of my new home (maintenance, mowing, etc), volunteering, and focusing on my daughter. She goes off to college in the fall and I'm scared! She has been the buffer between me and loneliness. I cant help but wonder is this the Plan? Am i destined to be alone? I think i still have much to give, and I keep up the appearance that I have it all together... but feel I'm invisible... Does anyone relate to this and how are you coping?

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Jul 20

@JacquieBlue her being unhappy was after cuz I no longer trusted her not before but she still did disrespectful things

Jul 20

@Steelerman123, the "do you hate me?" is priceless.

Jul 21

@Scat yes she sent that one another time too she would love to be friends as we were best friends 4 so long. She said it's like all or nothing with u, I said yup lol


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