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Feb 28

Hi @Rdan thank you for commenting and sharing your story. You kids are blessed to have a very good caring father. Also thanks for your advice. Kids need both parent that's why it's takes 2 in order to make them. I know I'm not perfect but I try my best. I tell my oldest about what's acceptable & what's not even when it comes to her dad. I don't intentionally bad mouth him but if there's a lesson in his behavior to help my daughter make better choices when it comes to a relationship I explain it to her. He's not my topic of discussion with my kids but only if something comes up. He's not even concerned about the impression he has on them. I'll keep pushing through and I really rather stay away from the courts because of my bad experience but if comes down to having to see the judge I will & I have more than enough proof to show that he doesn't follow the divorce order. Continue being a great dad take care.

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Feb 28

@Lifehurts2018 you are right. At about 14 my oldest told me not to say anything about her mother; seems every time I said something it was bad. Years later, she's moved across the nation, had kids and her mom tried to split her marriage - she asked why I didn't tell her that her mom handled things as if from an alternate reality; I reminded her what she said. That was why.
So you determining what and when is right.

Mar 2

sorry to hear the hard time you are going through. Unfortunately the courts don’t offer much fairness to the situation in my experience


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