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Heading to Cincinnati today with the church to visit Noah’

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Heading to Cincinnati today with the church to visit Noah’s Ark. my two oldest girls are with me. The two youngest couldn’t come because their mom wouldn’t let them unless I trade her days which I can’t because then they won’t get to see their brother when we go visit. Just like every other weekend she already tried to ruin this one with that and by telling girls last night that their little sister likes to cuddle with her boyfriend. Random thoughts??? She’s nuts.

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Apr 13

@eddie1975 I hope you have a great time in Cincinnati. I'm pretty naive, but if the real Noah's Ark in Cincinnati?
I'm sorry you're wife had to make that jab about the littlest sister likes to cuddle with her boyfriend. That's not necessary information so it was meant to only make a jab at you. Yeah, she's a narc and that makes her nuts.

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Apr 15

@GirlKitty the Ark is actually a few miles south of Cincinnati in Kentucky. It was really cool. A monstrous structure. It's so big there's no way you can thoroughly enjoy it in one day.

I don't know why she tells the kids things like that. Maybe because she knows they will come back and tell me or maybe she's trying to convince them that this guy is not as bad as we think and they should overlook the fact that they are both cheaters. No idea. Or it could be a straight up narc move. I stopped falling for that crap months ago and the kids are becoming numb to it also. In the great sense of "You reap what you sow" she has done a fantastic job of pushing her kids out of her life. It sucks because I have to play clean up with their emotions and it isn't fun. I hurt when they hurt and I don't like that.


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