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He wrote me this letter that said he promised to stay faithf


He wrote me this letter that said he promised to stay faithful with me as long as we were together in accordance with God's will. That's so bogus I cannot even express. Firstly, the vows we took to stay faithful and forsake all others were so long as we both live, not just til one of us is backslidden (which I'm NOT but he IS or we live apart.) So I told him that today. I also told him I'm done with this poor treatment that is unscriptural. That his stonewalling me, evading normal communication or resolving differences, and all the crup he's done is unacceptable including his forcing me to live next door to a terrorist's relatives who harassed me for two years with the things he told them behind my back which he still denies and continues to deny knowing them. So I told him the courts will force him to face what he refused to because married people don't act the way he does and Christians aren't supposed to treat others how he treats me. And that was our conversation this morning as we drove to traffic court together.

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Nov 9

@KaaleidoscopePictures, that's an interesting story and thank you for sharing. You don't want to know what I think of Rick Warren and what he has done to our churches over the past decades. But I'll leave that a mystery. : )

Nov 9

@KaaleidoscopePictures, I do agree with the Bible about forgiveness. And thank you for your encouragement.

hap's picture
Nov 11

Religion is often the last refuge of a scoundrel. Shame on your husband.


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