Second blog of 2019 IS OUT!!!!! "Facing reality after the holiday season"
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Good morning...I want to thank those of you who have offered

Good morning...I want to thank those of you who have offered words of encouragement and support. I wanted to let you know that this journey had led me back to church. I speak alot to other people about building a village of love and support around themselves and their families. Well not only will I have this group of wonderful people on here. I will have my spiritual family as well. Without knowing my full story, they embraced me yesterday after I decided to give it all over to God. I found a church home. I have begun to build my own village.

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May 18

@Whatstheuseanymore said it. Maybe you miss the idea of being with him, living with him or being married to him. With everything you have gone through, you have to decide if it was just an idea you missed and if so, which one and why...

May 18

Exactly ! That’s the hardest part ! When you want that person , but they gave up on you . I’m in the same boat .

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May 18

@Help1977 Please hang in there. It will get better


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