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Going through a rough time , husband of 27 years is divorcin

Going through a rough time , husband of 27 years is divorcing me I’m sad and depressed he keeps saying cruel things it’ makes me cry I don’t know how I’m gonna get through this , some days I wish I could die

Apr 14

You need to reach out to others during this time. Lean on the people you love and trust.

Apr 16

So sorry for what you're going through. : (
I certainly hope things improve in your situation.

Apr 16

Hi Brokenhearted. I know exactly how you feel. It would be 27 yrs this yr for me too, but been separated 2 yrs now & waiting on divorce. I too have been treated harshly & humiliated. Hurt & cried. To add to misery, no one to listen or comfort me. It seems the so called friends don't wanna hear your problems. It will take time to heal. The 1st thing that helped me to begin, is to accept what has taken place & to just let go. Then your outlook will change for a positive one when you know you no longer want to live in a depressed state, crying all the time, not wanting to live. Do things you like to make yourself forget. You know your selfworth, & I'm sure you are a wonderful person so no one, especially a husband, should treat you cruely.


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