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Funny revenge on an ex story........ (Yes I know it isn't h

Funny revenge on an ex story........
(Yes I know it isn't healthy to wish bad upon an ex but you gotta give me this one.)
So my ex and his new trashy girlfriend (who everyone in town hates) were out at a bar Saturday night. They ran into a couple who my ex used to be best friends with but who he no longer sees because they hate his girlfriend so much and my ex knows not to bring her around the bars he used to go to all the time (he lost the majority of his friends when he started dating her).
So the wife waits for the girlfriend to go to the bathroom and approaches my ex and says, "We really miss you. My husband really misses you. If you ever want to come by our house and say hi, you are always welcome." My ex says nothing so the wife goes back to her husband and sits down.
So the girlfriend comes back from the bathroom, my ex says something to her, she storms over to the wife and starts to yell at her, "you really hit a nerve with him, stay away from him, stay out of it, etc." And my ex just sat there and watched it happen and didn't defend the wife at all. So the wife and husband were so floored and upset that she had twisted everything around that they left.
So the wife is so angry she starts typing a text to a girlfriend saying "I just saw R and A at a bar and I tried to talk to R to tell him we missed him and A started yelling at me! R just sat there and did nothing. If he hasn't already seen what a b*itch his girlfriend is he should now. How can he be with someone so horrible." etc etc etc.
So she hits send on the text and realizes she sent it to MY EX BY ACCIDENT, not her girlfriend!
So now my ex has been reminded ONCE AGAIN how hated his new girlfriend is. But he will never break up with her because then it is proving everyone right and he can never be wrong.
I know it's wrong but I enjoyed that story very much! : )
Now I will focus my energy on love and light. Love and and and light......

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BB520's picture
Feb 17, 2017

My ex boyfriend of 3 years cheated on me with multiple women, and somehow afterwards we managed to stay close friends. (We probably knew it wasnt mean to be) He started dating this EVIL EVIL b*tchy girl (His rebound from our relationship) now theyre married and his entire family hates her.
His mom texts me from time to time and tells me all the things that have been going on and his wife is just horrible. I feel kind of bad for him, but on the other hand I see it as Karma for cheating on me so many times.
Best advice ive ever been told; You NEVER marry the rebound.

Its not healthy to wish bad upon an ex since but sometimes its okay.

Jenn4473's picture
Feb 17, 2017

I enjoy this story, too. I think it's fine to be sort of happy when bad things happen to the ex's (It's not like they are sitting at home wishing us well, after all) as long as we don't do anything to bring it about. That would be wrong. I sort of think when people make poor decisions (like cheating on spouses) how can they expect things to go well socially? So, they bring it on themselves.

Feb 18, 2017

Revenge is sweet, and usually deserved. I'm hoping to have a good story of revenge to post here soon. March 7, court date. 66 more days total.


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