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Feeling shaken today. Woke up remembering a text message my

Feeling shaken today. Woke up remembering a text message my soon to be ex sent to a woman recently. It said, “I wanted to take you home with me so bad last night but then remembered someone was at the house.” I’m trying really hard not to be a victim today...just hurts so much. How can someone do that to the spouse they promised to love and protect forever? Stunned...and in tears. I know I didn’t deserve that and I never confronted him about this particular message so as to keep peace in my home at the time. Parts of me want to do different things from confront him with it now (knowing he will deny it and call me crazy or tell me it doesn’t mean what I think it does) and other parts of me want to let it go...I just don’t know how. How do you “just let it go?” I don’t want to be a victim. I have to admit that I do still talk with him about 2-3 times per week because I’m alone...and because some things are coming back to bite him. He’s running for public office and people are discovering his recent past and reporting findings to the local media. A small part of me feels bad for him but a greater piece feels vindicated. He has brought this on himself but he’s struggling a little too. He asked to come see me at Christmas because he doesn’t want either of us to spend it alone. Oh God, help me stop this madness. Why can’t I pull up my big girl panties, stop this drama and move on??? Ugh!

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Oct 11

I understand exactly how u feel what's crazy is I wasn't to expect to get on a support group and find people in almost the same situation I'm in stay prayed up and you will be ok

Oct 11

You’re right. I’ve got a lot of praying to do. Thank you for the support. I think you’ll find what you need here too. Blessings...


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