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Feeling confused and sad. I posted before how my wife was te

Feeling confused and sad. I posted before how my wife was telling me she is regretting the decision to get a divorce. She’s been wanting to talk to me and I told her I didn’t want to talk. I just didn’t feel ready. So yesterday I texted her and said whenever you want to talk, I’ll listen. I also told her If there was any chance of us saving our marriage we should try.

She said she would come talk to me after she got off work today. She didn’t come talk to me.

I just feel sad because deep down I would really love to reconcile and work on our marriage. I just want my family together. I feel she is giving me a bit of hope even though it could be false hope. That just feels even worse. It’s just the cycle of feeling ok about the divorce then feeling sad then she gives me hope and then I feel sad all over again that even though she has regrets we still may not get back together.

Just sad feeling lonely tonight. Even though I have my dad and some family to talk to, I really don’t have any friends which makes me feel sad. Just a rough night tonight.

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Scat's picture
Dec 2

I think she wants a live in babysitter so she can go wh*re around. I'm sorry if I sound harsh. But look at the facts. NO BAR IS OPEN TIL 5:00am. What a load of horse crup.

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Dec 2

@[email protected]_1, the best advice ever. It's what I had to do.

Dec 6

I've been feeling that too. My wife has been coming to my room to watch movies with me but the moment I sit closer to her or try to talk about us, she leaves. Why is she spending time with me if she doesn't want to be with me? What can I tell you? Hang in there. Let time pass and hope she reconsiders, just as I am.


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