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Feel so sick in my heart today. Had my life set up to go in

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Feel so sick in my heart today. Had my life set up to go in a great direction and now it's gone before it even got started. Does it ever get better?

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Jul 23

It does slowly but I think at a different pace for each of us. I still have problems facing everything in life after three years. I lost a 20 year marriage and seeing my family (six children) split up is hard to deal with even now. But the heart does heal I think. Just at an extraordinarily slow pace.

Jul 23

Hey hurt, I checked some of your other posts. Have you started the annulment process yet? I think you'll start to feel better in small increments as you take the small steps towards "better".
Whenever I screw up my Dad always says "good, now you've learned"; what I wasn't prepared for, was that even in my 40's I'm still finding new ways to screw up and learn--and even new ways for life to screw me over. I know you're in a dark place, my point is similar to my Dad's which is--it's ok.
For me, I find that I'm my biggest obstacle to healing; at least try to not block yourself from moving forward. It get's better.

Jul 31

I am so sorry that you are going through this and that you are hurting so deeply. it truly does break my heart. It does get better slowly, but quicker than you may think. This happened to me and it was very intense for a while but it did go away eventually. I am here if you want to chat. BIG hugs!!


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